Family of Geeks

Meet Me in Phandalin

The adventure begins

Gundren Rockseeker hired the group to escort his supplies to Phandalin.

The group found Gundren's horse killed in the road. DJ snuck through the bushes, poked her head out to talk to the group, and realized she had snuck between two goblins waiting to ambush the party.

Max tripped trying to get out of the wagon, but eventually charged up the hill and took out a goblin.

Lili tried protecting the wagon and fired off some distracting shots at the goblins.

Lucio went after a pair of goblins on the opposite side of the road, but one escaped.

The party stashed their wagon and followed the goblin's trail. After 10 minutes they found a tripwire, which Max tried to disable by chopping at the snare meant to trap unsuspecting travelers. The group found another potential trap and set some flags around it as a warning.

The group found the goblin's cave and crept along the treeline near the cave. They quickly dispatched two lazy lookouts at the mouth of the cave. DJ snuck across the river and pointed out two more lookouts who were scanning the tree line where the group should have emerged. Those lookouts met the fate of their nearby friends.

The group quickly dispatched 3 wolves chained to a stalagmite inside the cave entrance. Lili's fear of the dark alerted a scout who told his allies to unleash one of their two pools of water to flush out the intruders. Meanwhile, the group tried navigating a pile of rubble, with several members being buried under a surprise avalanche. As the group recovered, the roar of oncoming water nearly took them by surprise. Their quick thinking got them all safely in the cave of rubble just in time.

Climbing up the rubble, they met a group of goblins who had taken Gundren's traveling companion hostage. After DJ tripped over some rocks during an attempt at stealth, the group quickly dispatched several of the goblins before a cunning goblin named Yeemik held a dagger to Sildar. He brokered a temporary peace, saying he just wanted the heroes to dispatch the bugbear who oversaw the cave. Yeemik insisted that he didn't want his people being sent off on suicide missions to attack travelers while the bugbear, Klarg, got fat on their spoil. Yeemik also informed them that Gundren had been sold to the Redbrands, a local gang, but he didn't know where they were. 

As the group approached Klarg's cave, Sildar Stillwater insisted that the group couldn't trust a goblin to keep his word, but the group insisted on keeping their word.

The ensuring fight with Klarg involved the bugbear making grandiose boasts while Lili turned his pet wolf into a balloon filled with fire, and Max finally cut down Klarg and his remaining goblin lackeys. The group rested, packed up several crates with a specific emblem of a lion emblazoned on them, and set out to their destination of Phandalin

What will come of Yeemik? Where is Gundren? How will the party get paid for their job? 


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